Going from Overwhelm to Highly Productive

“I’m so overwhelmed I don’t know what to do first!”
I heard this come out of my mouth recently and I’ve heard it for years from my clients.

When was the last time you felt overwhelmed and unable to choose the next task. Maybe you’ve felt impotent and lost, super stuck in the “what’s next?” GAH!!! “There has GOT to be a better way!” Where did YOU hit that wall?

And those days where the computer and internet aren’t playing nice, devices seem to be misbehaving and people aren’t calling (or replying) back? Layers upon layers of things that add to the bigger problem. There’s ALWAYS a mile-high, long as your leg, to-do list. And half of it you either don’t know how to do, don’t like the program or loathe the task. This whole ‘business’ thing is supposed to be fun and hold freedoms! Where did THAT go?
There was a time I worked 12 hour days, saw my hubby only at bedtime or on weekends, filled pages in my notebook with tasks for my clients. So what did I do? I found a better way.

Today, I walked away from my computer. I picked up my son at school, and spent half an hour in the sunshine, shed the tension, and came back to my desk with a clear head. I checked in with my priorities, then plugged in.

Over the years, I got to know the programs so well I could navigate with my eyes closed, I found other programs that maximized my time, and created systems that made the A to Z so simple that my processing times go from hours to minutes.

And then I started sharing these systems and processes with my clients. Those systems included listings, sales, marketing, database and training in productivity strategies that improved their enjoyment of their work, reduced stress, and gave them their lives back.

Who do YOU know who could use a strategy in their back pocket to set themselves free?

What Big Dragon will you Slay Today?

With all the things a business needs to do on a daily basis, it’s often difficult to decide on what is the highest priority. As you get started with your day, there is always the morning rituals and routines that help to create the calm mind needed to just get started.

I often start my day with getting my son off to school and a good breakfast. As part of this process, on some level, my mind starts with the question: “What is my big rock for today?” or one of my favourites: “What dragon shall I slay today?”

The trap of having a mile-long to-do list is believing that you have to do everything, right now today! So I challenge you to review your list and choose THREE things that are an absolute high priority today, and focus on just those items – those are your Big Dragons. If you consider that you have a specific time of day when your brainpower and emotional powers are at their highest, that is the time when you schedule the investment of energy and personal power to get “the big scary dragon” out of the way – something painful like sorting receipts, financial tracking, or a phone call you dread.

And if you can’t choose THREE Big Dragons, choose ONE, especially if you know it’s a tough one.

One thing super powerful to remember: We often believe that something we dread is a MUCH bigger mountain than it is in reality. I once looked at editing a website or updating a database through that lens. Once I put my attention to it, a project I thought would take hours really only took about 20 minutes or half an hour. Remind yourself that dragons sleep in mountains, often on a bed of gold.

What gold is beneath your Big Dragon?

Freedom to play at the park with your children? Time to do a favourite hobby? Time for self-care can be a huge reward.

So – what Big Dragon are you going to slay today?

Image Credit: Parkington (Print in my front hall)

Photo Credit: Parkington (Print located in the front hall)

Success wears many faces

If you’re a new entrepreneur and you look up, you’ve probably seen coaches, healers, authors, and people in every kind of business happily living their dream life. They have time with their families, take epic vacations, never seem to have debt or stress or challenges.

However, if you had a chance to talk to any one of them, you’ll discover you’re only seeing half the story.

There is an interesting shame among entrepreneurs. The shame of failure, struggle, discontent, shake-up calls and wake-up calls, and most don’t publicise that they’ve had their bad days as much as their awesome days.

There are tons of rags to riches tales if you dig deep enough. If you’re going to be authentically present in your success, discuss your failures too. It’s almost like these folks want to hide behind the smiling face the world sees because they cannot be present in their story. And yet, there is power in story – in a tale of struggle and woe. That power comes from the connection that is made with your potential clients, your sphere, and your tribe. They need to know that perfection is a fallacy, that struggling is real. Business is a roller coaster world of try, test, succeed, fail, and it’s every single day.

Not everything you do will work. The reality is just this: Fail forward, fall upward. What the heck does that mean? That means keep on swimming. Learn from the stuff that didn’t work so you can create the stuff that will work.

I’m currently in a training program called www.momentum17.com – I’m learning more than I ever have in all the free programs I’ve signed up for in the last 15 years in my business. Every day, there’s a new lesson, and ever day, those lessons apply, in tiny steps, forward action. I’m learning about creating content, gaining visibility, creating a marketing piece, maximising my time.

Did I run a successful business? Yes, until I didn’t. I chose, consciously or not, to drain the energy from where I was; this allows me to build something from where I am into the future where I need to be. Here’s how I’m failing forward: you benefit from my experience. Over the coming weeks, leading up to 2017, my posts will discuss business, mindset and spiritual strategies to stay on board and build up to launching in the new year.

Because my background is 15 years in real estate, my strategies have that flavour – because it’s an industry where these nuggets are tried, tested, and true. My clients made them work, their assistants made them work, therefore, I know that they work.

If you’re interested in seeing my posts, please fill out the Subscribe form and be notified when a new post is up.

Please contact me if you need some clarity around your business and life strategies. I’m happy to have a conversation that pulls you onwards and upwards.


The Power of Gratitude on an “off-day”

On this day, American Thanksgiving, 2016, I see a ton of posts about gratitude on this special day. Some of those were accompanied by criticisms and reminders of all the things happening nowadays. It’s in every piece of media we come across. While we can be grateful for our family, friends and clients, there are people out there are a fighting for their rights, clean water, and the safety of their families.

Welcome to fall

Welcome to fall

I woke up this morning feeling out of sorts. Something just wasn’t right. I’ve been down on myself lately and feeling like I lost it all. I own my faults and my failures and don’t always make the moves to move past that headspace. Sometimes it’s because I don’t know the answer, sometimes there’s a huge lump if “I don’t want to,” and a lot of the time, many things are far more interesting than doing the things that move me onwards and upwards.

With my recent series about neuro-linguistic programming and ‘drop the Not’, I’ve drilled deeper into my own uses of don’t, can’t, won’t, want, and how I’m applying those words to my own business and mindset. My score is pretty epic. You don’t want to know.

To shift gears, before sitting at my computer and scrolling through photos of squash, turkey and ham, I pulled out my journal. If you know me well, you’ll know that I don’t journal regularly. I’m learning that I need to do otherwise – kind of like blogging. Do it regularly, and you build a following, shift your mindset, and improve your visibility.

So I journaled in order to bust out of my blah. One full page of Gratitude and One full page of Affirmations later, 30 minutes of writing, and I was ready to light up the ‘net, and shift the perspectives of one of the rockstar lady-entrepreneur in my sphere. We spent TWO hours discovering her stuck and shifting her perspective. We worked on her macrocosmic vision in microscopic ways. What did we talk about? Perspective, emotion, and communication. Copywriting, vision and phrasing. There was a lot of how-to’s thrown in there, ideas tossed around, people to check out for inspiration and know-how.

Call me for more information. If you’re experiencing ‘stuck’ in your business and you need some perspective, let’s talk. The phone-call is free.

NLP and your Business

Today, November 23rd, 2016, I’m doing a Facebook Live video on Neurolinguistic Programming and Business.

What do I mean by that?

Often your call to action is what is pushing your prospects away. Wait, WHAT?! Okay don’t kill your graphics person.

Marketing and psychology go hand in hand. Language and imagery are a big part of a brand; however, the brand is how your audience feels when they see your marketing show up. Part of psychology is being able to get inside their heads to eventually generate a YES and still avoid the ICK factor.

Start paying attention to how you communicate with your audience, what they hear, see, and believe. Which posts, blogs, videos, and social media get the most responses? What language or imagery did you use?

Since body language is also a part of NLP (and I had no plans to discuss it in the videos this week), we do need to discuss it if you are doing videos that are business related. If you’re slouched, dressed like a slob, look unhappy, you’re less likely to attract your audience. Shift your look, energy and emotions to attract the right people. That means sit up, smile, do jumping jacks and gratitude before you go live, wear a nice shirt, and be welcoming!

I follow two amazing Video coaches on Facebook – check them out – Kelly Mirabella and Lucia Dragosh – both have excellent training points around video.

Let’s talk print media. In the real estate industry, you are required to included your brokerage details and phone numbers, which takes up a lot of space on your marketing design. However, when set up properly, they become a part of your brand-marketing rather than an inconvenience. Then include your own logo, name and contact information. If you don’t yet have a tagline, message me and we’ll brainstorm something that really speaks YOU to your prospects. Check your language along the way – what is your call to action.

How are you taking action?

How are you taking action?

Instead of using can’t, don’t, won’t, want, and but, start using can, do, will, need, and. Here’s an example:

Call to Action ‘A’:
“For more information Don’t Hesitate to Call!”
[Your brain says: Okay, I’ll hesitate] – POOF! Opportunity, lost.

Call to Action ‘B’:
“For more information or a free Consultation CALL Today!”

[Your brain says: This is a great opportunity. Where’s my phone?]

Pay attention to your words, speak them out loud. Do you feel gross when you speak them aloud? If you do, you need to rewrite your piece.

Do you feel excited when you speak them aloud? Do you want to fall asleep? Check, massage, rewrite until things really resonate.

If you want a brand-marketing brainstorm, call me today.

A consultation of your business needs is free. If you wish to create powerful strategies that give you your life back, let’s talk.

NLP Video Series

I’m currently doing a Facebook Live video series on Neurolinguistic Programming.

I had 7 videos planned then tightened it up into 5 so I could run Monday to Friday. Check it out on my Personal or Business pages.

I’m covering topics such as:
– The Impact of NLP
– Changing your language to change your mind
– NLP and Marketing: NLP in Business
– NLP and Relationships: Children and Coworkers
– NLP and the Law of Attraction: The power of intent

One of the things that I’ve worked on since August is my ‘I Am’ statements. Identifying who I am and who I serve, what’s in my toolbox that my audience wants to know, and how those I am statements are affecting my work and business.

Consider these statements and see if you’re thinking in a similar way:

– I don’t know who my ideal client is
– I don’t want to do that work (the grass is greener)
– I can’t focus, something else is more interesting
– I can’t plan I’ll be interrupted

The rules of Law of Attraction state that where your attention goes energy flows. What do you think I’m creating?

What statements are you aware of that are having an influence on your life and business? Talk about it in the comments.

How do you assign Value to the services You Receive?

Having been an entrepreneur for the last fifteen years I know the power of selling results for money. I’ve been on the receiving end of comments such as “you’re too expensive” and “don’t price yourself out of the industry,” and more powerfully, feeling undervalued for the solutions I offered. It got to the point of doubting myself and the value I offered. In a world full of coaches, consultants and ‘experts,’ who the heck am I?

In the Pagan community, there’s an argument that shows up regularly about whether people should charge for training, healing, and energy work.


If the person offering the service is in business, the answer absolutely is yes. Someone who chooses to offer healing, magical training etcetera for a living needs to put food on their table and a roof over their heads exactly the same as the people who are seeking to learn and heal.

But a shift in perspective is necessary for those fees to be acceptable, both by practitioners and by the seekers.

The practitioner IS, in fact, doing the energy work for “free”. Energy is available to anyone and everyone, therefore, it IS free. Learning how to use it in ways that their clients look for is not. They DO have expenses that accompany their services. The costs of renting a workspace, documentation materials, equipment, supplies plus the value of their training, studies, courses all come at a cost. Those fees are less about the energy part of the work and more about the value of the work.

The argument about fees often comes from the student/recipients who need the healing or training but don’t have the hundreds or thousands of dollars to get certified or get the healing work. Treatments for healing often cost $50 and up. More if the healer is renting space in which to offer their services.

Consider the basics of physics: Energy cannot be created nor destroyed; it can only change form and vibration. The receivers often only see “energy is free” and they’d be correct. What they do not see is someone who is doing the work to feed their kids, sometimes pay two rents, buying products like incense, candles, crystals, music, keeping up certifications, and adding to their toolbox. They have business fees and pay taxes like any other business.

The energy work and training being offered IS free. All the stuff behind the scenes is not.

For the entrepreneurs, it’s a business, and while your heart is in the right place and you want to heal the world, consider the value that your work has, and people won’t treasure it with the same commitment if there isn’t a cost of some kind. Your time and services have as much value as any other industry.

For the recipients, if you want the training or healing services for free, consider how much value you put on the time and results that are offered by the person you’re looking at working with. It’s also about perceived value. When we receive something for free – no energy exchange of any kind – what amount of value do we apply to what we’ve received? This is why some Usui Reiki Masters charge such high amounts for training and attunements – some as high as $10,000. I ask why? I paid nearly $600 for all my Reiki levels and I don’t value the training any less; in fact, I honour it more by sharing what I’ve learned and am now in demand as the teacher for the ones who weren’t taught. (in demand, but haven’t built an income-stream around it – yet).

I’ve told people that if they didn’t have the money for a treatment, they can cook me dinner in the near future. I once did a treatment and just said, “The universe will balance our exchange” – a few hours later, the guy’s wife handed me a piece of jewellery.

I’m an entrepreneur, an energy worker and a teacher. I love learning, workshops and free stuff as much as the next person. However, I also honour the people who have done the training and made books and handouts so I can learn. I’ll pay for that – because I see the value in what I’m receiving. And if I don’t have the money, I’ll see if I can barter to get the treatment; if that’s not an option, I seek another way.

I teach with the local hermetic magic school and we charge a fee. I don’t get paid. I get happy because I get to teach something I love talking about. The fee goes towards paying for our space, materials and printouts. Our students are often surprised that the fee is so low. We’ve raised the fee over the years as our costs have increased. The content of the programs has also changed. We’re not a business. We’re a teaching school.

My future includes teaching energy craft to others as a business. And I’ll be charging a fee. For my time, my experience and my materials. Not for the Craft or the energy. Information about those are abundant on the internet; however, there is particular value to the actual experience with skills that were learned through paid courses.

You can’t learn everything from words on a page.

If you want to work with me to shift your mindset around energy exchange and healing, let me know. I would love to hear from you.

Tune in at 1:15 Easter Time today for the first in my Facebook Live Series on Neurolinguistic Programming. Changing how you think can change your life.

People, Personality and Process: Diagnosing Behind the Scenes

If you work in an environment a team, no matter how big, unless everyone is People driven you’ll find drama, grumbling and complaint about individuals. How do we shift our interactions so we can get along?

Consider the difference in how we combine ourselves with the people in our personal lives and use that as a lens for the people in our professional life. What personalities are part of your social circles? There’s more in common between you than you think. Often people who lead with their heart can be found together, and people who lead with task can be found together. While that sounds divisive, there’s always one or two people who appear to make it easier for these personalities to cross the lines, and your group feels balanced and “just so.”

In the business world, we don’t get to choose our team unless we’re entrepreneurs hiring our support teams. I’ve noticed most personality systems a broken into 4 key areas.

The importance of the personality – the power of knowing your tribe, team and talk.

Image Credit: http://www.personality-insights.com/shop/disc-magnet/

Image Credit: http://www.personality-insights.com/shop/disc-magnet/

If you go deeper into personality systems you can figure out who can fill your gaps – hiring your weaknesses helps you strengthen your strengths. At the same time, knowing you’re an engineer type and lead with task means understanding that the dialogue and choice of language you use to communicate.

At the same time, knowing you’re an engineer-type and you lead with task means understanding that the dialogue and choice of language you communicate with needs to shift so you speak words that resonate with heart before mind if you’re speaking to someone who leads with heart. Figure out first what you lead with, then your second and third archetype.

  • A highly technical individual communicates with task first, and their checklists and organization (love the checklist).
  • A relationship type communicates with heart first, the people in their world (love the cat).
  • A driver leads with task first, get it done, then we’ll socialize (sign here move on).
  • A supportive type communicates with satisfying the needs of their people, I get stuff done so you’ll be happy (what do you need to get done to make you happy today).

Your power combination blends your strengths and that of others to create a dynamic that can powerhouse your business to a new level. Learn to talk to one another in a language that is uplifting and empowering rather than soul-crushing. Understanding your colleagues at a higher level improves language, productivity and the soul of your business.

If you want to determine what you lead with, you can find Myers-Briggs tests and DISC Personality tests all over the internet. However, the quick-test way is to ask:

  1. Are you an Extrovert or an Introvert? (on the chart above, those fall on the top and bottom)
  2. Do you lead with Task or People? (on the chart above, those fall on the left and right)

What did you get? Does it fit? Now think about the one person you’re closest to and figure out what you think they lead with? Now see if you can adapt your communication patterns in order to speak their language. See what happens.

Since 2002, I’ve followed the DISC system (and plan to dig way deeper into it). I use it as much as possible. It helps me speak your language. Play hard with heart and get it done.

If you want to discuss the personality blend in your team, who you are and what you lead with, how to improve communication with others in your life, relationships and business, contact me. I’m happy to have a conversation to lift you up and move you forward in life in business.

Help versus Assist: Where do you stand?

For Halloween 2014, we talked my son into Assisting us with preparing our pumpkins.

For Halloween 2014, we talked my son into Assisting us with preparing our pumpkins.

As I explore further into the coaching industry, I’m noticing trends. Let’s talk type for a moment, shall we? What’s the difference between a coach, a mentor and a consultant?

A coach: Guides you through various questions and strategies to find the answers within you and helps you come up with a step to move forward. Experienced coaches develop a process for their clients to follow to reach their ultimate goal.

A Mentor: “I’ve already done all the steps. Do what I did and you’ll reach where I am.” It’s a “do what I do” scenario. Mentorship is guidance along a path that they’ve already done and they’ve found success. It’s a leadership role that says “follow me.”

A Consultant: says “here’s how I did it, let me help you do it.” They get their hands dirty; while showing you how to do things yourself, they’re helping you get things done.

I often run into people new to their business, in a variety of industries, who would rather not get their hands dirty. They want to outsource the yucky stuff so they can do the fun stuff. Here’s the problem. If they don’t know how to use the tools of their trade, how successful will they be if their support system falls apart? Their VA stops being their VA, their team members move on, and suddenly “I don’t want to know” becomes “Oh crap.”

Often entrepreneurs don’t want to eat the gristle and get their hands dirty – they want to sell and serve; they don’t want to be marketers, copywriters, website designers, and yet, that is the nature of small business – the solo-preneurship kind of small business where the resources aren’t there – yet – to hire the support of people with certain specific types of expertise. At the end of the day though, they still have to create the substance of their marketing, even if they have a skilled VA to flesh it out, and someone else presses Send or Post.

From another perspective though, what if you’re the independent type for whom asking for help feels gross?

Help is a four letter word.

People struggle with asking for help. Not only help, but permission too.

HELP is a 4-letter word. It tastes bad, feels offensive, and represents a place of weakness, give up, give in, and release of your power to the helper. You feel like you’re giving up your place of strength, losing your voice, sitting on the couch and letting someone else be the boss.

It’s a scary prospect to feel like you’re suddenly powerless rather than the powerful individual you know you are.

In truth, asking for help should represent ASSIST – rather, power UP not power down. Test yourself.

Apply a shift in your vocabulary: Instead of asking for HELP, you ask for Assistance.

What’s the difference?

If HELP equals giving-up personal power, then ASSIST may equal co-dependency; however, you’re still the boss.

Check this out: You need help cleaning the kitchen – maybe you’re a Spoonie who just can’t do it all. Maybe you’re an entrepreneur with 2 kids and a dog and you’re trying to launch your brand. You reach out ask for assistance. At first, the Ask feels awkward because it’s unfamiliar ground, until you FEEL the difference – a friend arrives and you guide them through YOUR process, where things go, how you prefer the task to be done. If, partway through, you need a break, at least then your friend knows your expectations, and assists you in your need your way. You retain your sense of power, you can shout from the mountaintops – LOOK! I asked for HELP! Did you really? – You asked for an assist, retained your need for control, and the crap that needed doing got done. It doesn’t matter if it was the kitchen, a ride, a babysitter, copy-writing, editing content, or an extra set of eyeballs.

If help denotes “someone else’s way” and that causes you pain, go for the assist, feel like you retain control, and get some of your life back.

Where do you get your assist?

The Holiday Phenomenon

This isn’t a “Murphy’s Law” concept but pretty close to it.

Murphy’s Law states that if something can go wrong it will.

The holiday phenomenon, relationship phenomenon, call it what you will, works the same way.

If you aren’t going to be available you’re suddenly desirable.

When you’re in a relationship you’re suddenly more attractive.

In business, when you’re busy, when you’re wrapping things to go on holidays is often when more business shows up.

My clients and I have experienced this first hand. I have two weeks left to wrap projects and suddenly more projects show up, my clients are taking time away and more buyers and Listings show up.

If you really think about it, and what you think is what you attract, you’re in a happy place, finishing projects, feeling accomplished and attract more of those things; therefore, you’re actively calling in more of that.

So if you’re in a low be busy. Complete outstanding things, be around people who make you shine and attract to you what you’re seeking.

Enjoy the business of being busy.

If you would like to be busy on all the right things in and on your business, contact me. I’d be happy to do a free consultation to find your time and money gaps. Take your life back.