What Big Dragon will you Slay Today?

With all the things a business needs to do on a daily basis, it’s often difficult to decide on what is the highest priority. As you get started with your day, there is always the morning rituals and routines that help to create the calm mind needed to just get started.

I often start my day with getting my son off to school and a good breakfast. As part of this process, on some level, my mind starts with the question: “What is my big rock for today?” or one of my favourites: “What dragon shall I slay today?”

The trap of having a mile-long to-do list is believing that you have to do everything, right now today! So I challenge you to review your list and choose THREE things that are an absolute high priority today, and focus on just those items – those are your Big Dragons. If you consider that you have a specific time of day when your brainpower and emotional powers are at their highest, that is the time when you schedule the investment of energy and personal power to get “the big scary dragon” out of the way – something painful like sorting receipts, financial tracking, or a phone call you dread.

And if you can’t choose THREE Big Dragons, choose ONE, especially if you know it’s a tough one.

One thing super powerful to remember: We often believe that something we dread is a MUCH bigger mountain than it is in reality. I once looked at editing a website or updating a database through that lens. Once I put my attention to it, a project I thought would take hours really only took about 20 minutes or half an hour. Remind yourself that dragons sleep in mountains, often on a bed of gold.

What gold is beneath your Big Dragon?

Freedom to play at the park with your children? Time to do a favourite hobby? Time for self-care can be a huge reward.

So – what Big Dragon are you going to slay today?

Image Credit: Parkington (Print in my front hall)

Photo Credit: Parkington (Print located in the front hall)

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