Success wears many faces

If you’re a new entrepreneur and you look up, you’ve probably seen coaches, healers, authors, and people in every kind of business happily living their dream life. They have time with their families, take epic vacations, never seem to have debt or stress or challenges.

However, if you had a chance to talk to any one of them, you’ll discover you’re only seeing half the story.

There is an interesting shame among entrepreneurs. The shame of failure, struggle, discontent, shake-up calls and wake-up calls, and most don’t publicise that they’ve had their bad days as much as their awesome days.

There are tons of rags to riches tales if you dig deep enough. If you’re going to be authentically present in your success, discuss your failures too. It’s almost like these folks want to hide behind the smiling face the world sees because they cannot be present in their story. And yet, there is power in story – in a tale of struggle and woe. That power comes from the connection that is made with your potential clients, your sphere, and your tribe. They need to know that perfection is a fallacy, that struggling is real. Business is a roller coaster world of try, test, succeed, fail, and it’s every single day.

Not everything you do will work. The reality is just this: Fail forward, fall upward. What the heck does that mean? That means keep on swimming. Learn from the stuff that didn’t work so you can create the stuff that will work.

I’m currently in a training program called – I’m learning more than I ever have in all the free programs I’ve signed up for in the last 15 years in my business. Every day, there’s a new lesson, and ever day, those lessons apply, in tiny steps, forward action. I’m learning about creating content, gaining visibility, creating a marketing piece, maximising my time.

Did I run a successful business? Yes, until I didn’t. I chose, consciously or not, to drain the energy from where I was; this allows me to build something from where I am into the future where I need to be. Here’s how I’m failing forward: you benefit from my experience. Over the coming weeks, leading up to 2017, my posts will discuss business, mindset and spiritual strategies to stay on board and build up to launching in the new year.

Because my background is 15 years in real estate, my strategies have that flavour – because it’s an industry where these nuggets are tried, tested, and true. My clients made them work, their assistants made them work, therefore, I know that they work.

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Please contact me if you need some clarity around your business and life strategies. I’m happy to have a conversation that pulls you onwards and upwards.


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