How do you assign Value to the services You Receive?

Having been an entrepreneur for the last fifteen years I know the power of selling results for money. I’ve been on the receiving end of comments such as “you’re too expensive” and “don’t price yourself out of the industry,” and more powerfully, feeling undervalued for the solutions I offered. It got to the point of doubting myself and the value I offered. In a world full of coaches, consultants and ‘experts,’ who the heck am I?

In the Pagan community, there’s an argument that shows up regularly about whether people should charge for training, healing, and energy work.


If the person offering the service is in business, the answer absolutely is yes. Someone who chooses to offer healing, magical training etcetera for a living needs to put food on their table and a roof over their heads exactly the same as the people who are seeking to learn and heal.

But a shift in perspective is necessary for those fees to be acceptable, both by practitioners and by the seekers.

The practitioner IS, in fact, doing the energy work for “free”. Energy is available to anyone and everyone, therefore, it IS free. Learning how to use it in ways that their clients look for is not. They DO have expenses that accompany their services. The costs of renting a workspace, documentation materials, equipment, supplies plus the value of their training, studies, courses all come at a cost. Those fees are less about the energy part of the work and more about the value of the work.

The argument about fees often comes from the student/recipients who need the healing or training but don’t have the hundreds or thousands of dollars to get certified or get the healing work. Treatments for healing often cost $50 and up. More if the healer is renting space in which to offer their services.

Consider the basics of physics: Energy cannot be created nor destroyed; it can only change form and vibration. The receivers often only see “energy is free” and they’d be correct. What they do not see is someone who is doing the work to feed their kids, sometimes pay two rents, buying products like incense, candles, crystals, music, keeping up certifications, and adding to their toolbox. They have business fees and pay taxes like any other business.

The energy work and training being offered IS free. All the stuff behind the scenes is not.

For the entrepreneurs, it’s a business, and while your heart is in the right place and you want to heal the world, consider the value that your work has, and people won’t treasure it with the same commitment if there isn’t a cost of some kind. Your time and services have as much value as any other industry.

For the recipients, if you want the training or healing services for free, consider how much value you put on the time and results that are offered by the person you’re looking at working with. It’s also about perceived value. When we receive something for free – no energy exchange of any kind – what amount of value do we apply to what we’ve received? This is why some Usui Reiki Masters charge such high amounts for training and attunements – some as high as $10,000. I ask why? I paid nearly $600 for all my Reiki levels and I don’t value the training any less; in fact, I honour it more by sharing what I’ve learned and am now in demand as the teacher for the ones who weren’t taught. (in demand, but haven’t built an income-stream around it – yet).

I’ve told people that if they didn’t have the money for a treatment, they can cook me dinner in the near future. I once did a treatment and just said, “The universe will balance our exchange” – a few hours later, the guy’s wife handed me a piece of jewellery.

I’m an entrepreneur, an energy worker and a teacher. I love learning, workshops and free stuff as much as the next person. However, I also honour the people who have done the training and made books and handouts so I can learn. I’ll pay for that – because I see the value in what I’m receiving. And if I don’t have the money, I’ll see if I can barter to get the treatment; if that’s not an option, I seek another way.

I teach with the local hermetic magic school and we charge a fee. I don’t get paid. I get happy because I get to teach something I love talking about. The fee goes towards paying for our space, materials and printouts. Our students are often surprised that the fee is so low. We’ve raised the fee over the years as our costs have increased. The content of the programs has also changed. We’re not a business. We’re a teaching school.

My future includes teaching energy craft to others as a business. And I’ll be charging a fee. For my time, my experience and my materials. Not for the Craft or the energy. Information about those are abundant on the internet; however, there is particular value to the actual experience with skills that were learned through paid courses.

You can’t learn everything from words on a page.

If you want to work with me to shift your mindset around energy exchange and healing, let me know. I would love to hear from you.

Tune in at 1:15 Easter Time today for the first in my Facebook Live Series on Neurolinguistic Programming. Changing how you think can change your life.

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