People, Personality and Process: Diagnosing Behind the Scenes

If you work in an environment a team, no matter how big, unless everyone is People driven you’ll find drama, grumbling and complaint about individuals. How do we shift our interactions so we can get along?

Consider the difference in how we combine ourselves with the people in our personal lives and use that as a lens for the people in our professional life. What personalities are part of your social circles? There’s more in common between you than you think. Often people who lead with their heart can be found together, and people who lead with task can be found together. While that sounds divisive, there’s always one or two people who appear to make it easier for these personalities to cross the lines, and your group feels balanced and “just so.”

In the business world, we don’t get to choose our team unless we’re entrepreneurs hiring our support teams. I’ve noticed most personality systems a broken into 4 key areas.

The importance of the personality – the power of knowing your tribe, team and talk.

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If you go deeper into personality systems you can figure out who can fill your gaps – hiring your weaknesses helps you strengthen your strengths. At the same time, knowing you’re an engineer type and lead with task means understanding that the dialogue and choice of language you use to communicate.

At the same time, knowing you’re an engineer-type and you lead with task means understanding that the dialogue and choice of language you communicate with needs to shift so you speak words that resonate with heart before mind if you’re speaking to someone who leads with heart. Figure out first what you lead with, then your second and third archetype.

  • A highly technical individual communicates with task first, and their checklists and organization (love the checklist).
  • A relationship type communicates with heart first, the people in their world (love the cat).
  • A driver leads with task first, get it done, then we’ll socialize (sign here move on).
  • A supportive type communicates with satisfying the needs of their people, I get stuff done so you’ll be happy (what do you need to get done to make you happy today).

Your power combination blends your strengths and that of others to create a dynamic that can powerhouse your business to a new level. Learn to talk to one another in a language that is uplifting and empowering rather than soul-crushing. Understanding your colleagues at a higher level improves language, productivity and the soul of your business.

If you want to determine what you lead with, you can find Myers-Briggs tests and DISC Personality tests all over the internet. However, the quick-test way is to ask:

  1. Are you an Extrovert or an Introvert? (on the chart above, those fall on the top and bottom)
  2. Do you lead with Task or People? (on the chart above, those fall on the left and right)

What did you get? Does it fit? Now think about the one person you’re closest to and figure out what you think they lead with? Now see if you can adapt your communication patterns in order to speak their language. See what happens.

Since 2002, I’ve followed the DISC system (and plan to dig way deeper into it). I use it as much as possible. It helps me speak your language. Play hard with heart and get it done.

If you want to discuss the personality blend in your team, who you are and what you lead with, how to improve communication with others in your life, relationships and business, contact me. I’m happy to have a conversation to lift you up and move you forward in life in business.

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