NLP Video Series

I’m currently doing a Facebook Live video series on Neurolinguistic Programming.

I had 7 videos planned then tightened it up into 5 so I could run Monday to Friday. Check it out on my Personal or Business pages.

I’m covering topics such as:
– The Impact of NLP
– Changing your language to change your mind
– NLP and Marketing: NLP in Business
– NLP and Relationships: Children and Coworkers
– NLP and the Law of Attraction: The power of intent

One of the things that I’ve worked on since August is my ‘I Am’ statements. Identifying who I am and who I serve, what’s in my toolbox that my audience wants to know, and how those I am statements are affecting my work and business.

Consider these statements and see if you’re thinking in a similar way:

– I don’t know who my ideal client is
– I don’t want to do that work (the grass is greener)
– I can’t focus, something else is more interesting
– I can’t plan I’ll be interrupted

The rules of Law of Attraction state that where your attention goes energy flows. What do you think I’m creating?

What statements are you aware of that are having an influence on your life and business? Talk about it in the comments.

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