NLP and your Business

Today, November 23rd, 2016, I’m doing a Facebook Live video on Neurolinguistic Programming and Business.

What do I mean by that?

Often your call to action is what is pushing your prospects away. Wait, WHAT?! Okay don’t kill your graphics person.

Marketing and psychology go hand in hand. Language and imagery are a big part of a brand; however, the brand is how your audience feels when they see your marketing show up. Part of psychology is being able to get inside their heads to eventually generate a YES and still avoid the ICK factor.

Start paying attention to how you communicate with your audience, what they hear, see, and believe. Which posts, blogs, videos, and social media get the most responses? What language or imagery did you use?

Since body language is also a part of NLP (and I had no plans to discuss it in the videos this week), we do need to discuss it if you are doing videos that are business related. If you’re slouched, dressed like a slob, look unhappy, you’re less likely to attract your audience. Shift your look, energy and emotions to attract the right people. That means sit up, smile, do jumping jacks and gratitude before you go live, wear a nice shirt, and be welcoming!

I follow two amazing Video coaches on Facebook – check them out – Kelly Mirabella and Lucia Dragosh – both have excellent training points around video.

Let’s talk print media. In the real estate industry, you are required to included your brokerage details and phone numbers, which takes up a lot of space on your marketing design. However, when set up properly, they become a part of your brand-marketing rather than an inconvenience. Then include your own logo, name and contact information. If you don’t yet have a tagline, message me and we’ll brainstorm something that really speaks YOU to your prospects. Check your language along the way – what is your call to action.

How are you taking action?

How are you taking action?

Instead of using can’t, don’t, won’t, want, and but, start using can, do, will, need, and. Here’s an example:

Call to Action ‘A’:
“For more information Don’t Hesitate to Call!”
[Your brain says: Okay, I’ll hesitate] – POOF! Opportunity, lost.

Call to Action ‘B’:
“For more information or a free Consultation CALL Today!”

[Your brain says: This is a great opportunity. Where’s my phone?]

Pay attention to your words, speak them out loud. Do you feel gross when you speak them aloud? If you do, you need to rewrite your piece.

Do you feel excited when you speak them aloud? Do you want to fall asleep? Check, massage, rewrite until things really resonate.

If you want a brand-marketing brainstorm, call me today.

A consultation of your business needs is free. If you wish to create powerful strategies that give you your life back, let’s talk.

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