The Power of Gratitude on an “off-day”

On this day, American Thanksgiving, 2016, I see a ton of posts about gratitude on this special day. Some of those were accompanied by criticisms and reminders of all the things happening nowadays. It’s in every piece of media we come across. While we can be grateful for our family, friends and clients, there are people out there are a fighting for their rights, clean water, and the safety of their families.

Welcome to fall

Welcome to fall

I woke up this morning feeling out of sorts. Something just wasn’t right. I’ve been down on myself lately¬†and feeling like I lost it all. I own my faults and my failures and don’t always make the moves to move past that headspace. Sometimes it’s because I don’t know the answer, sometimes there’s a huge lump if “I don’t want to,” and a lot of the time, many things are far more interesting than doing the things that move me onwards and upwards.

With my recent series about neuro-linguistic programming and ‘drop the Not’, I’ve drilled deeper into my own uses of don’t, can’t, won’t, want, and how I’m applying those words to my own business and mindset. My score is pretty epic. You don’t want to know.

To shift gears, before sitting at my computer and scrolling through photos of squash, turkey and ham, I pulled out my journal. If you know me well, you’ll know that I don’t journal regularly. I’m learning that I need to do otherwise – kind of like blogging. Do it regularly, and you build a following, shift your mindset, and improve your visibility.

So I journaled in order to bust out of my blah. One full page of Gratitude and One full page of Affirmations later, 30 minutes of writing, and I was ready to light up the ‘net, and shift the perspectives of one of the rockstar lady-entrepreneur in my sphere. We spent TWO hours discovering her stuck and shifting her perspective. We worked on her macrocosmic vision in microscopic ways. What did we talk about? Perspective, emotion, and communication. Copywriting, vision and phrasing. There was a lot of how-to’s thrown in there, ideas tossed around, people to check out for inspiration and know-how.

Call me for more information. If you’re experiencing ‘stuck’ in your business and you need some perspective, let’s talk. The phone-call is free.

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