The Holiday Phenomenon

This isn’t a “Murphy’s Law” concept but pretty close to it.

Murphy’s Law states that if something can go wrong it will.

The holiday phenomenon, relationship phenomenon, call it what you will, works the same way.

If you aren’t going to be available you’re suddenly desirable.

When you’re in a relationship you’re suddenly more attractive.

In business, when you’re busy, when you’re wrapping things to go on holidays is often when more business shows up.

My clients and I have experienced this first hand. I have two weeks left to wrap projects and suddenly more projects show up, my clients are taking time away and more buyers and Listings show up.

If you really think about it, and what you think is what you attract, you’re in a happy place, finishing projects, feeling accomplished and attract more of those things; therefore, you’re actively calling in more of that.

So if you’re in a low be busy. Complete outstanding things, be around people who make you shine and attract to you what you’re seeking.

Enjoy the business of being busy.

If you would like to be busy on all the right things in and on your business, contact me. I’d be happy to do a free consultation to find your time and money gaps. Take your life back.

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