Branding, Business and too Many Choices

These days Realtors want to get their license and launch their businesses properly; and yet their options to get set up are like the maze of aisles and the mind-boggling quantity of the same type of product at the grocery store.

Agents need to navigate the aisles of colours, fonts, website choices, graphic designers, sign companies, database Contact Management tools and photographers – both portrait and property – and generally – those are not the same person.

One of my favourite meetings are the ones that manifest in a brilliant combination of design, images and flow that becomes the brand for a client.

Those meetings generally flow into their need for products, marketing and systems where they will be represented by their brand. Keeping in mind that Brand isn’t just colour and font – it is what you represent, it’s how your words flow across all platforms and conversations.

Are you a no-nonsense realtor?
Do you enjoy modern clean lines?
Are you the image of elegance and luxury?
Are you quirky, flashy or easy-going?

These elements should be displayed in your brand in such a way that attracts your ideal client. For some realtors, that could be anybody and everybody; for others, they’ll only work with clients within a certain price range or with certain personalities.

Often, Realtors don’t settle on a niche in their business until several years into their practice – they may want to focus on the condominium market, but their true abilities are with moving-up families or seniors moving-down. Many Realtors never choose a niche, though they’ll often talk about their preference when asked. This preference can become a core part of their brand.

Whether it’s simple or stylish, colourful or classy, your brand should be an image of you.

What’s your brand?

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