Goal Setting for 2013

I find it interesting that the first two images that come up in my clip-art search for “goal” are pictures of money; the rest are the usual goal posts, soccer nets etcetera. After poking around, I realized that the best on-target image I could find is simply this:

I do actually have a picture of myself taking a shot, but it’s not suited to a business website.

Are you setting goals for 2013? 2014? Business goals, personal goals, family goals, household goals.

There are all kinds of tools and products on the web and the market that are built to help you get there. Whether you need a daily reminder, a visual designer, there is something out there for you. I found three tools this year; neither were for me.

  • Goals on Track is a paid goal management organization system. It helps you to keep on track, add new goals and break things down into edible chunks.
  • I can’t recall the name of another product. I looked at it, played with it and discarded it. I’m technical, but not THAT technical.
  • There is a product offered by MindMovies that helps you create a vision board video. Enter your goals, select some music and MindMovies will help you build with images and sound.

If you are artistic and prefer to cut and paste, perhaps a Vision Board is more your style. Grab a piece of bristol board, collect magazines or photos printed from the internet, grab some words that help you to aim, and VOILA!

Spend 2 minutes per day studying your vision and your goals. It may just help you to get where you want to be.

What’s the real key?



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