‘Round 2 it Business Services started in 2002 in response to a need in the Real Estate industry for a floating or virtual assistant/trainer. Realtors were overwhelmed by their administrative tasks and unable to give their full attention to their clients and businesses.

Since then, ‘Round 2 it Business Services has served over 200 sales representatives by providing office support services including:

  • listing and transaction management
  • office and database systems
  • workflow assessment and modification

In addition to these key office tasks, ‘Round 2 it Business Services is about solutions:

  • branding, marketing, word-smithing
  • follow-up
  • document and spreadsheet creating
  • statistics
  • Unique solutions

‘Round 2 it Business Services is one of few Ottawa virtual assistant businesses specializing in Real Estate support services.

With such a long history in the industry and clients ranging from single agents to teams, ‘Round 2 it Business Services has the experience to coach your business to the next level.

For all your real estate office support needs, contact me today to book your consultation. Let’s see if my business can help your business.

“If you have the need, I can provide the solution.”

“We help you get ‘Round 2 doing what you do best.”